Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pre GE13 chapter 2: New Very Old Voters (NVOV)

Introduction to the series

In the last chapter, MERAP looked at NVOVs from the years 2008 till Q3 2011. MERAP's scrutiny of the Q3 and Q4 2012 supplementary electoral roll reveal similar trend continuing in the final run up to GE13 which is expected to be called in Q1 2013.

Not only we have 8 NVOVs aged 90 and above, another 4 also moved house and/or changed their addresses

58% of the one dozen additions/changes in Supplementary Electoral roll in Q3 2012 occurs in PR constituencies

The 4 individuals who change address / tukar alamat when they are aged 90 and above are:

Age in 2012ICNamaNamaParlimenNamaDUNNegeriSukuJenisTrans
92221130125039TEH LEE KUAN @ TAY KIM CHINGKOTA KINABALUAPI-APISABAHST32012Pendaftaran Tukar Alamat
92191212025192MAH BINTI IBRAHIMKUALA KEDAHANAK BUKITKEDAHST32012Pendaftaran Tukar Alamat
90200613025179LOH ENG SENGPENDANGTOKAIKEDAHST32012Pendaftaran Tukar Alamat

In the last quarter of 2012, there are 3 NVOVs who have surpassed the century mark.

65% of the additions/changes in Supplementary Electoral roll occurs in PR held constituencies
In Q4 2012, they are 2 NVOVs aged 104 and 103 respectively namely Sekak Abdul Jabar and Muhamad Abu Bakar. They have surpassed the oldest NVOV in Q2 2012's Supplementary Electoral Roll, Wan Ngah binti Wan Ismail (NRIC: 110719115018), born in 1911 and aged 101 years old at time of registration.

Whereas Mohd Ali Bin Adam is switching his voting constituency and perhaps his place of residence from Tangga Batu to Bukit Katil.

It is truly remarkable that we are never too late for anything in Malaysia. Although EC has taken some initiatives to delete very old voters for reason of death / "kematian", what is irrefutable is that certain interested parties are consistently supplying NVOV registrations to the EC. Polling agents should be vigilant and look out for 90 and 100 years old voters voting for the very first time in their long long life!

In the next chapter, MERAP shall share their findings with regards to foreign voters in Malaysia. Stay tune.