Monday, January 28, 2013

Pre GE13 chapter 1: New Very Old Voters (NVOV)

Introduction to the series

Chapter 1.1 of MERAP's Final Reports raised the matter of voters above 85 years old, notably Tey Kim (IC: 900206740068) who was born in 1890.

EC has come out with the defence that it will beef up its information exchange process with Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara and to its credit, the number of voter deletions due to the reason of death have increased since the electoral roll attracts greater scrutiny from all quarters.

However, MERAP notice that despite the effort by the EC to remove deceased voters, there seems to be an effort by certain parties to continuously register people who are unlikely to be alive.

The average life expectancy of Malaysians is around 70 to 75 years old. One of the initial database MERAP worked with consist of newly registered voters since GE12 up to Q3 2011.

In the following analysis, MERAP applies a more stringent criteria to only focus on new voters turning 90 years old or above when they are registered for the first time ("pendaftaran baru"). If the minimum threshold is lower (say 80 years old and above), then the total number of suspected new registrations would be much much higher.

MERAP's findings are as follows:

1)  More and more new voters aged 90 and above are being registered as GE13 draws nearer

2)  Jasa/Kemas/Kerajaan and political parties contributed 53 new registrations, i.e. 37% of the total. Note the 2 unlikeliest new registrations, at 103 and 99 years old, are being submitted by these 2 parties.

3)  92 or 64% of these new registrations are in Pakatan Rakyat held parliament constituencies.

Note that the oldest voter, aged 103 years old at time of registration, was being registered by Jasa/Kemas/Kerajaan* in 2011. Yet, when MERAP enquired EC website in January 2013, Piah Binti Nyat has been removed as a registered voter. While it is possible that the voter may have passed away since her registration, it is more likely that the voter was already decreased at time of registration.


* subsequent articles would regularly exhibit their involvement

The second oldest new voter, aged 99 at time of registration in 2010, is still a voter for Bukit Mertajam constituency. The below print screen is dated Jan 2013, making this voter 102 years old

Other notable cases are

Salleh Bin Adam, registered in 2010 at the age of 98 years old and coming to 101 years old in GE13. His registration is submitted also by Jasa/Kemas/Kerajaan.

Ting Heng Jin, registered in 2011 at the age of 98 years old and coming to 100 years old in GE13. His registration is submitted  via mobile SPR unit.

In the next post, we shall examine this trend in subsequent quarters in 2012. Stay tuned.